Slacklining in South Africa

Riding the Highline shares African slackline adventures through stories, interviews, and articles. We hope to inspire beginners to learn to slackline, and look forward to welcoming high liners from around the world. Our local slackline scene is growing, and with it interest in highlining too.

While the influx of beginner slack liners excites us, we would like to remind everyone to have an experienced pair of eyes check your slackline or highline rig first. The first concern would be the use of dangerous or sub par equipment. A hardware store tow rope is not suitable as a slackline, with injuries reported due to the large metal objects becoming projectiles under tension.

We recommend you buy a slackline from a reputable brand, and support your local community or slackline business. A primitive slackline kit is light weight, simple to set up, and ideal for any beginner slack liner.

Our passion for South Africa’s incredible natural spaces and slacklining has led us to explore and share our passion with others. If you are looking for a slacklining community you can join, contact us and we will happily put you in touch.

Slacklining in South Africa

Highlining in South Africa

Highlining in South Africa is second to none, despite only a handful of dedicated slackers taking part. A core group in Cape Town and Johannesburg help to keep the scene alive and growing. Annual meetings at Rocklands and Waterval Boven help to introduce new ‘adrenaline-junkies’ to the sport in a safe and social way. The Rocklands meeting was my first experience of highlining, which I feel incredible grateful for.

People are the most important part of the highline sport in South Africa. While we have unconquered peaks and valleys in all corners of our country, the lines that have been established have been done safely by small, dedicated teams. We encourage you to make contact with the community in South Africa, and include them in your own projects.

The community member’s local knowledge of places and people will be invaluable in assisting you to establish your dream project in South Africa. So what are you waiting for, let’s go highlining!